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It is not  just about what you see it is also about what it makes you feel.


After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from ARTE AC in Monterrey, Mexico, I began my journey as a graphic designer with Sofa Entertainment where I developed corporate images for their many different venues. Five years later, I founded my own design agency, Dominio, where I could personally respond to my clients’ needs. During this time I became a top-rated designer in my field of corporate identities and logos. 


While working as a graphic designer, I was always involved with photography. Later while living in London, I began experimenting with photography creativity and skills. Pursuing my love of photography, I studied at the ECAL Art School, Lausanne. Since then I have developed a huge passion for Photography.


In March 2014 at the Flux Laboratory Zurich I opened my first photography exhibition.  “Mi Veracruz” is a series of photographs that retrace the memories of my much-loved hometown in Mexico.


In March 2015 I was invited to participate in to another exhibition about Mexican artists by the Mexican Embassy in Berlin, Germany.


In November 2015 I was again invited to expose my work during the Delhi photo festival by the Mexican Embassy at the Cervantes Center in New Delhi, India.

Since 2015 I started to collaborate as a duo with Noora Kulvik in to an artistic journey called "SPINNING NATURE"  that has been going on until today.  ANA D & NOORA K / @_anad_noorak_


Today I keep working and developing my new projects in my photography studio in Geneva.

Solo exhibitions

· 2020 The Secret Garden, Ana D & Noora K

  ephemeral exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

· 2018 Lucidum, Ana D & Noora K, Espace L, Geneva, Switzerland

· 2018 Metamorphoses Vol.I, Ana D & Noora K

  Espace art D10, Geneva, Switzerland

· 2017 Metamorphoses Vol I, Ana D & Noora K,

  Galerie Le bonnet Rouge, Gruyere.

· 2016 Mi Veracruz, Museo de la Ciudad, Veracruz, Mexico

· 2015 Mi Veracruz, Centro Cervantes, New Delhi, India

· 2015 Mi Veracruz, Piramal Art Gallery, NCPA, Mumbai, India

· 2014 Mi Veracruz, Flux laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


Group exhibitions

·2022 PHOTO BASELAna D & Noora K, Basel, Switzerland

·2022 Lucida Apparatus, Ana D & Noora K, Almanaque Fotografica, Mexico City

·2021 ST-ART, Ana D & Noora K, Strasburg, France

·2021 DIVERS EGALES UNIS, Musée Rath, Geneva, Switzerland

·2020 Art Paris 2020, Ana D & Noora K, Grand Palais, Paris, France

·2020 Illuminations, Ana D & Noora K, Espace L, Geneva, Switzerland

·2019 Photography Now, Ana D & Noora K, Bricklane Galery, London, UK

·2018 Royal, Espace art D10, Geneva, Switzerland

·2018 Metamorphoses Vol.I, Ana D & Noora K, United Nations HQ, Geneva

·2018 Mi Veracruz, United Nations Head Quarters, Geneva, Switzerland

·2018 Spinning Nature, Ana D & Noora K, Galerie la Primaire, Geneva, Switzerland

·2014 Alas y Raices, Embassy of Mexico, Berlin, Germany

·2011 Shoot for good, Mi Veracruz, Brussels, Belgium

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