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Limited edition series.. © ANA D. LOMBARD & NOORA KULVIK

Sharing a common interest in dramatic almost theatrical  atmosphere and letting the subject in hand stand out as a strong individual brought these two artists to work together with “the spinning nature” project. A series of unique mixed-media and photography pieces.


Both Ana and Noora have used the human body very often in their previous work. After exchanging thoughts about the world we live in, one alarming fact emerges: we are overusing earths natural  resources. In this first series of «the spinning nature» the center stage is given to what our planet supplies us for free, natures riches- plants. 


We take these beauties for granted, however, there are no do-overs. We invite you to think about the good that could be done if you moved your world today and watched it change and blossom. 


As a result of this artistic study they found that movement is the visual demonstration of energy. It shows how everything in this universe is connected. Thru their unique way of using photography they managed to capture this powerful moment of moving energy. This is the first step to acknowledge that change is possible thru movement.


They wanted to give in this first series this same importance and empathy to our planets resources and natural life by using divers media and our modern painting tools, being photography. It was important for Ana and Noora to have a similar atmosphere for their portraits of this experimental project of nature and movement.

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